A GLASGOW family are in a desperate plea to be reunited in time for Christmas after their mother-of-two suffered from a spinal stroke - causing her to be paralysed from the neck down. 

Stacey Conlin has been stuck at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital since April as friends and family vigorously bid to bring her home in time to experience the joy of Santa with her two children, aged five and three.

The 34-year-old was admitted five months ago after she began to feel a strange sensation in her arms. Just one day later, she lost all nerve feeling from the neck down. 

Glasgow Times:

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Due to strict coronavirus restrictions in hospitals, the Bishopbriggs mum - originally from Knightswood - was unable to see her Partner Paul and two kids Lottie and Paul for weeks after her admission. 

Now, due to the ongoing COVID-19 constraints, the family are only able to be united as a whole one day per week, for only one hour. 

She faces being transferred to another hospital as by law, she is unable to return to their family home due to it being unequipped and inaccessible for her needs.

An online fundraiser has been launched to cover the costs of revamping their home to allow the family to be reunited in time for Christmas. 

Organiser of the fundraiser and family friend, Chris Wilkie, told the Glasgow Times: “It was only a few weeks into lockdown when Stacey fell ill. She was feeling generally unwell but losing sensations in her arms. Within a day, her body just basically collapsed and she lost sensation in her full body. 

“She was taken straight to hospital and because of the Covid situation, they just took her away. Her family didn’t get to see her for weeks and were worried sick. The kids didn’t get to see her for a couple of months, almost.

“The thing is, this is very uncommon. There isn’t many people in the UK who have had this type of stroke. They basically don’t know what to do with her and at this point, she can move her left hand. That is where she is at this moment. 

“The idea is that the hospital will ask her to leave soon because her position isn’t improving. It’s getting to the stage now where she needs to get back to her family.”

Glasgow Times:

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Since its launch, donations to the fundraiser have exceeded over £65,000. After estimations from architects, it will cost the family £75,000 to make their house suitable for Stacey to return to.

Chris added: “The funding will be used to extend the back-end of their home on two levels and to fit an elevator. It will allow for the whole layout for the house to be changed with light switches, door-handles and everything like that to one level.

“The hope for the near future is that she will be able to start using her upper body more and she will be able to start manoeuvring around the house. 

“Another hope is to be able to get her upstairs so as she can say goodnight to her children. It’s critical for them, they’re at an age where they need their mum to be here. 

“The funding will basically prepare everything in the house for her so as she can be reunited with her children and they can be one family again. 

“We need to create this for their future and set it up properly.

“It has been over seven months now that they haven’t been together as a family. It has been heartbreaking being with the children and hearing them ask for their mum. 

“They’re missing their mum very badly so to get them all back together would be massive for the whole family.”

Glasgow Times:

On Chris’s JustGiving page Paul wrote: “Can you imagine suddenly not being able to brush your hair, brush your teeth or even scratch your nose? This is now Stacey’s reality.

“We have two young kids who are desperate to get their mum home but we’ve now been told that there is a two-year waiting list before any help is given to us to adapt our home.

“This is too long. Please help me to make my kids’ dreams come true and get their mum home for Christmas.”

Glasgow Audi has since sponsored a triathlon organised by Chris to raise extra cash and support for the family’s cause. The event will take place on October 3.

To donate to Stacey’s fundraiser, visit HERE.