A YOUNG rape victim got justice from beyond the grave after the sex predator who attacked her was convicted.

The 17-year-old was preyed upon by Ji Ren Lin after being carried into a lane in Glasgow city centre on November 21, 2018.

Lin, 32, took advantage of the teenager who had been drinking during a works night out.

He had been dumping boxes during a shift at a nearby Chinese restaurant when he met the young stranger.

Jurors heard, within around six minutes, he raped the girl in the city’s East Bath Lane.

The teenager later died in March 2019.

Hong Kong-born Lin denied the charge amid claims the girl had been able to agree to have sex with him.

He is now behind bars after being convicted on Friday of rape following a three day trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Lin, of Garnethill, will be sentenced next month.

The victim had been on a works night out at a number of city centre bars.

A colleague recalled asking the teenager to “calm down” at one point due to what she was drinking.

She ended up alone and CCTV footage showed her “unsteady on her feet” as she walked in the street.

Lin was meantime working as a kitchen assistant at a restaurant nearby.

Footage played in court clocked him throwing away litter in a lane as the girl came into shot.

In her speech to jurors, prosecutor Sheena Fraser said: “He met her by chance.

“He put down his pile of rubbish and put his arm around her - despite the fact, he would obviously see she could barely stand.”

They initially ended up on a bench near Buchanan Galleries where Lin appeared to grope and kiss the girl.

Train driver Ian Wilson was walking nearby when he then spotted a man in “chef trousers” carrying “something”.

The 57-year-old told jurors: “As I drew level, they turned into East Bath Lane.

“What he was carrying was a person. I could see two legs hanging down and blonde hair.

“There was no movement from the person being carried.”

Prosecutors said it was in the lane he raped the drunk girl before heading back towards the restaurant.

The victim was discovered by concerned passers-by “stumbling, distressed and crying”.

Witness Lucy McAteer said: “She had tear stains all over her face and her clothes were pretty dishevelled as well.”

The late victim’s police statement was heard by jurors.

She had “no memory” of being attacked. The teenager only had a hazy recollection of the night in general.

Advocate depute Ms Fraser: “The Crown seek to prove that Lin had sex with the girl when she was so intoxicated, she was incapable of consenting.”

Lin was remanded in custody as sentencing was deferred for reports.

Lord Mulholland told him: “You raped a vulnerable young girl. You took advantage of the situation presented to you.”