A bus stop was shattered after a vehicle rolled down a major road for fifteen metres. 

But upon seeing the damage, thought to have happened due to the driver failing to engage his handbrake, the driver drove away with "broken glass still on his bonnet". 

Witnesses heard the crash on Great Western Road nearby Bread Meats Bread just before 12pm this morning. 

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Thomas O'Cornwallis, co-convenor for Go Bike Glasgow, said a crowd quickly gathered after the crash but the driver was no where to be seen. 

He told the Glasgow Times: "I didn’t see the van roll but I was in door of Bread Meats Bread when I heard sound of breaking glass.

"I went out and saw van where it’s seen in the video.

"A lot folk started to gather confused as was no driver, few witnesses said it came from where black car was parked and rolled.

"The driver came back and another witness pointed out his handbrake wasn’t engaged... he reversed out, then drove away with broken glass still on his bonnet. He took no photos or reported it or anything."

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We received a report around 11.55am on Saturday, 19 September, of a one-vehicle crash on Great Western Road, Glasgow, involving a van and a bus shelter.

"There were no injuries.”