Drivers and pedestrians have raised concerns after traffic lights at a major West End junction remained switched off throughout Saturday.

Signal lights at the junction of Great Western Road and Byres Road remain off after a traffic collision on Friday. 

Glasgow City Council's Traffic Control and Management (TRAFFCOM) team advised road users to use care upon approach to the area. 

But after the lights remained off for the entirety of Saturday, both drivers and pedestrians expressed concern on social media. 

Jill Ferguson, from Thornwood, said the lack of lights was a "disaster" for pedestrians trying to cross. 

She told the Glasgow Times: "Such a busy junction. And no police doing points duty or temporary lights sourced all of Saturday.

"It was a bit of a disaster for the huge number of pedestrians trying to cross to and from the Botanic Gardens."

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Thomas O'Cornwallis said: "It’s obvious when people drive they think they should have priority... pedestrians stuck because of no lights.

"I’ve seen folk jump back to pavements... this isn’t suitable."

Another social media user called it an "accident waiting to happen". 

Drivers also expressed concern about the junction with one person writing on social media: "I’d like to also add I was driving and it was so scary especially this morning having to do a right-hand turn.

"Traffic could be going any direction, many not indicting and on top of that, I saw many pedestrians trying to cross then cars coming out of now where!"

A statement issued by TRAFFCOM on Friday read: "The traffic signals at the junction of Great Western Road, Queen Margaret Drive / Byres Road will remain off until further notice.

"An earlier road traffic collision caused damage to traffic signal equipment.  

"Road users should approach this junction with care."

A Glasgow City Council spokesman confirmed the lights will be fixed by Monday morning. 

The extent of the damage to the light caused by the crash on Friday has meant engineers will have to dig it out completely to replace it.