A group of students were found hiding in cupboards after police stormed a house party in Glasgow, according to reports.

Police attended a student party in the Hyndland area of the West End of the city in the early hours of Saturday morning, after they were said to have heard "shrieking and screaming".

After banging on the door for several minutes, officers were allegedly greeted by two students, with one said to have "donned a dressing gown to give the impression he had been asleep".

Officers, who were being shadowed by Mail on Sunday journalists, began opening doors to cupboards and bedrooms, only to find "grinning students" who had attempted to hide - some of whom were "demanding to see warrants".

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Currently, coronavirus guidelines in Scotland state that no more than six people from two households should meet indoors or outdoors.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the two hosts of the Hyndland party were issued fixed penalty notices.

Last weekend, police officers dealt with more than 400 house parties across the country - with one in Edinburgh leading to the alleged assault of two police officers and the car windows of two police cars being smashed.

Speaking on September 14, deputy chief constable Malcolm Graham said: "The figures from this weekend show that we will use the powers we have to disperse parties which breach the regulations and will enforce where necessary.

"We will not tolerate blatant disregard for the legislation which is there to help stop the spread of the virus.

"I'm extremely disappointed to learn that two officers were allegedly assaulted while responding to a party in Edinburgh.

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"Our officers find themselves dealing with situations on a daily basis to protect the people and communities we serve, and are trained to a high level to deal with violent and confrontational situations.

"However, being assaulted is not simply part of the job and it cannot be tolerated.

"The Chief Constable made it clear that assaults against officers and staff is utterly unacceptable in his public pledge made to tackle this last month."