TV presenter Maya Jama has kicked-off a Celtic vs Rangers 'war' on social media after appearing in a Light Blues jersey.

The popular BBC and Channel 4 host wore a Rangers shirt in a photo which emerged on social media, appearing to cement herself as an Ibrox supporter. And she even claimed they could be her 'Scottish team' in response to a fan sharing the snap.

However it did not take long for her Twitter timeline to explode with supporters of both sides sharing their thoughts on her allegiance - leading her to change her mind and claim she will 'remain neutral'. She laughed: "Woah woah woah. Judging by the replies to my last tweet I think im gna remain mutual.

"I don’t want the smoke & I wana go out in Glasgow in peace in future Lool love you all, Love me."

She went on: "Ffs tryna have a relaxing weekend away & now I’ve started a Celtic v Rangers war in my mentions."

Gers fans loved the support apparently shown by Jama, 26, with one saying: "Rangers Maya, always Rangers first". Another added: "No surrender Maya Jama". 

A Celtic fan came back with a picture of the Parkhead huddle, saying: "Only one team in Glasgow Maya". And another joked: "Chucked".