WHEN Stuart Coll finally saved up enough to secure a mortgage on his first home, he wasn’t prepared for the 14 years of hell that followed. 

Rather than transform the property into his ideal house, suitable for his wheelchair, he’s found himself having to cope with a run of rotten bad luck. 

Multiple break-ins, insurance trouble and bogus workmen have turned his dreams into a nightmare. 

It means that nearly a decade and a half on from the sale, he is still living at home with his mum while separated from girlfriend Margaret and eight-year-old Lewis. 

Now, Stuart, 43, has launched a desperate plea for help in a bid to transform the property in time for the family to be reunited for Christmas. 

“As the days go by I do wonder if it will be possible,” Stuart, who lives with a condition called arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, said. 

“But, it would be so great for Lewis and for us to spend our first Christmas together as a family. 

Glasgow Times:

“He’s had to grow up sharing a house with his cousins and not having a lot of space. Even if we could have it ready for his birthday in February, that would be really special.

“It’s been a struggle and all we want to do is to be reunited as a family.”

Stuart, who has launched a JustGiving page, added: “We had hoped to have the home ready for Lewis to be born in 2014, but it wasn’t possible.

“He’s always asking me ‘is it ready?’ and I just hope one day it will be.

“It’s been difficult not being there for the moments as he grows up. They aren’t too far away, but it’s not the same.” 

In 2011, shortly before Lewis was born, the home was destroyed by vandals who broke into the property on three consecutive nights. 

This led to three years of hell for Stuart as he battled with his insurance provider for compensation. Eventually, they settled when he took legal action, but he only received half of the costs. 

“It has been so frustrating for me and a bit of a nightmare,” Stuart said. 

“When I bought the home, I was so excited. It wasn’t even me who had the winning bid at first, but that offer fell through and then I got the house. 

“I’ve had issues with workmen saying they would come and not, or others doing so but then leaving it half done. 

Glasgow Times:

“Then, I need to start again and rip it all up. 

“I reckon, with it all included, this has cost me around £80,000 to £90,000 and that’s not even including the mortgage.” 

Light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible for Stuart after he secured the services of Gary Kerr, a Dunfermline-based builder who previously renovated the bungalow for former Taggart star Ian Colquhoun. 

The actor had to have both legs amputated after being left for dead in a pickaxe attack.

Stuart and Gary are hoping to raise around £20,000 to cover the costs of the upcoming work. 

To support them, the JustGiving page