PEOPLE in Glasgow are being asked to help shape the future of transport in the city.

A big city wide consultation starts today with views asked on a whole range of how people get around the city.

It includes the cost and reliability of public transport, an increase in traffic and congestion, the safety of cycling and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on all forms of transport.

The city council has asked for people to get involved in the debate on transport to help officials and councillors devise a plan for the future that works for the city for the next ten years at least.

Glasgow has a target of being carbon neutral by 2030 and the council is recognising that means changes to transport and travel habits.

Bus passenger numbers have been falling at the same time as average journey times get longer.

Inequalities will be considered with fewer people in Glasgow owning or having access to a car and many communities having poor bus or rail links.

Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said: “A modern, resilient and sustainable transport system is at the heart of any successful city, and Glasgow is no exception. How easily we can move around the city is of fundamental importance to people as it affects where we live, our life chances, our health and our overall climate.

“The transport strategy will be key to how we move ahead as a city and will direct the investment that will help improve our environment, tackle inequalities and support the economy. There will be difficult choices to be made but the consultation document sets out the challenges the city cannot afford to ignore.

“The choices made as part of the development of the new transport system will have a direct impact on Glasgow and the people who live here for many, many years to come. It is in interests of everyone with a stake in the future of the city to join the public conversation and have their say on the transport strategy.”

The plan will have three main parts, an overarching Glasgow Transport Strategy for the overall city, a City Centre Transformation Plan and a new Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan.

The overall strategy will have four aims, to contribute to transition to a carbon neutral, clean and sustainable city.

To have a positive role in tackling poverty, improving health and reducing inequalities.

To contribute to continued and inclusive economic success and a dynamic, world class city.

To create places where we can all thrive, regardless of mobility or income, through liveable neighbourhoods and an inclusive city centre.

The consultation document and on-line survey is available at and will open to the public for six weeks until Friday, October 30.

Anyone who wishes to the join the launch webinar on September 23 can register to be involved by following this link:- Spaces are still available.