PICTURES of a rat-infested flat were plastered across the windows of Partick Housing Association (PHA) offices yesterday evening as a local tenants’ union demanded urgent action to be taken. 

The demonstration taken by Living Rent Glasgow comes over a month after we reported how tenant Gillian Murphy was left unable to use her kitchen as disease-bearing rodents had completely invaded her cooking space - causing corrosion to her kitchen cupboards and floors.

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

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Nearly seven weeks later, Gillian has told how her situation has worsened as she and her 17-month-old child have been forced to sleep in the living room while rats infest the bedroom area of her PHA property. 

A botched repair of her kitchen has now seen the rodents return with a vengeance. 

The mother-of-two told the Glasgow Times: “After the kitchen was fixed, the rats returned. A lot of gaps were filled to try to keep the rats out but my washing machine broke again – which is when we knew they were back, or that they hadn’t really left at all.

“There’s small rats and big rats which leads me to believe they are breeding. 

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

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“We were using the kitchen until I went in one night to get the baby a bottle and I heard them rummaging around in the cupboards. I looked underneath and there was a rat chewing through where the washing machine pipe is.

“They’ve managed to chew through a dish towel and a bag of dog food too. At one point, my cat had the rat, but it got away. 

“My daughter is absolutely terrified and is staying with my mum. She literally can’t bear to stay here anymore. 

“I’ve moved my mattress and the baby’s cot into the living room because I’m terrified of a rat crawling over my baby in one of the bedrooms like it did on my daughter.

“I can’t let him crawl around the house because I’m scared in case he is bit by a rat. It’s not a nice way to live. I just don’t trust anywhere in this house. 

Glasgow Times:

“I’ve had to fight so hard for them to even come out to have a look and do the repairs. A standard way of living isn’t something I should be having to fight for.”
Living Rent Glasgow are now demanding PHA to take urgent action as Gillian withholds her rent until the social landlord takes helm over the infestation.

Nick Durie, Living Rent Organiser said: "Unfortunately we have heard from a number of Partick Housing tenants that the situation of our member Gillian is not an isolated case.  

"Partick Housing were slow to act on government hygiene guidance and did so following pressure from our local branch, but they also seem slow to address dangerous vermin issues.  

"They must act to make Gillian's home safe and ensure her family are safe during that process." 

Glasgow Times:

A PHA spokeswoman said: “This is a disappointing representation of our engagement with Ms Murphy. 

“We have been in regular contact with our customer and can confirm that from the middle of July we have visited her home more than seven times and found no evidence of rats.  

“Various preventative repairs have been carried out during that time. We would encourage residents to keep their properties clean and clutter-free to avoid potential attraction of vermin”