First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced new lockdown restrictions for the whole of Scotland

The new rules mean it is prohibited to visit other people's homes with the rule of six remaining outdoors. A 10pm curfew was announced for pubs, restaurants and cafes across the country as the First Minister reiterated the message to work from home.  

New travelling rules were also imposed as the Nicola Sturgeon as advised against car-sharing with people not from the same household. 

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Glasgow Times readers and the people of Glasgow have had their say on the new restrictions, which will come into force from tomorrow. 

A Glasgow Times reader named Simon Taylor said: "Hopefully everyone will follow these restrictions and finally treat this deadly virus with respect but I doubt it.

"The minority of dumb heads will push us all into lockdown number two by Christmas."

Pete Greene added: "As always, she is professional and down to earth and speaks to us with respect and knowledge.

"Compare this to Bojo and the difference really is stark!"

Tony Johnstone said: "Wish the morons would follow the rules. Just think about yourselves and no care for anyone else.

"I have followed rules from the beginning and will continue to do so.

"My life and my families lives are more important than anything else.

"So to the morons out there, if you catch it, hell mend you - nae sympathy fae me."

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Glasgow University lecturer, Ewan Gibbs, Tweeded: "I tend to be highly critical of Sturgeon and the SNP's claims that devolved powers limit what they can do on a given major problem.

"But I think today the First Minister was right and honest about furlough. COVID-19 is sharply exposing the economic limitations of devolution."

Others had their say about the 10pm hospitality curfew, which will come into effect on Friday. Some argued this restriction will encourage Scots to start drinking alcohol earlier in their day.

Steven Kilpatrick said: "10 pm pubs closing... ok then I'll start going at 11am."

Stuart David added: "What difference is closing pubs and restaurants at 10pm going to make? People will just start going out and drinking earlier.

"It won't make any impact at all on the spread of the virus, in my opinion."

Senga Cooper added: "So everyone can sit in the pub, the virus doesn’t come out till after 10pm... what a lot of bull."

Chris Gibson agreed, stating: "Does COVID-19 only come out after 10pm?"

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Meanwhile, some disagreed completedly with the new restrictions with concerns people won't abide by the new rules. 

Yasmin Mac Kenzie said: "They can introduce all the restrictions they want, with no way for them to be enforced - people are still not going to follow them.

"If people just did what is advised we could have been clear of these months ago, other countries have managed it but we have too many people thinking it's a hoax while watching it get worse..."

Mircea Iulian said: "Three-hundred and eighty-three new cases and one further death! Stop this nonsense.

"Positive tests don't mean anything. The number of deaths should worry us, numbers that are very very low and don't justify the lockdown."

These are the comments and opinions from the people of Glasgow so far, do you agree or disagree with the new lockdown regulations?