A PARENT has removed his children from a Glasgow primary school after slamming its “incompetent” response to a Covid-19 outbreak.

The man, who asked not to be named, said he first heard rumours a number of St Francis Primary teachers were isolating after a post on Facebook and he has blasted Glasgow City Council for failing to inform guardians earlier.

As previously reported, parents were contacted via a letter to inform them seven teaching and support staff - one of whom was the youngster’s teacher – were off due to the virus.

However, the dad has said he’s now too nervous to allow his child to return to the Gorbals school because of a “lack of communication” – insisting the letter came too late after rumours began to circulate.

He said: “At first, I told my child’s mother just to leave it as it could be a rumour.

“Then when we got this letter from them, I thought ‘why are we finding this out on social media first?’

“I contacted the school but they wouldn’t give me any information. They wouldn’t tell me if her teacher had tested positive or has just been in contact with someone.”

It’s understood three classes were in quarantine following the outbreak and a number of teaching staff as well as pupils had tested positive.

The parent added: “I was speaking to my child yesterday and they have a runny nose and I’m thinking should I get them tested?

“Your mind starts racing. Normally, they have a great immune system so it’s weird they’ve been in contact with the teacher and now they’re run down. It’s really worrying and I just don’t know what I’m going to do about sending them back.”

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council insisted parents and carers were notified as soon as a positive case was recorded.

She reiterated that the local authority was following all Public Health Scotland and Scottish Government advice to ensure the school remains a safe place for pupils and staff alike.

The building has been deep cleaned following the outbreak and hygiene measures are being continued.

She said: “The staff have worked extremely hard to manage this difficult situation and they have kept families updated with information when they could.

Three letters have been sent out now. Every decision that’s been taken at the school has been in consultation with public health experts.

“Enhanced cleaning regimes have been in place since the start of term in all our schools and not just when there’s been a positive case.

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“It’s not true that the school only let parents know there was a positive case when rumours started on social media. We sent out a letter on a Saturday night to try and stop any anxieties.”

She added: “There’s been an enormous amount of pressure on the school who have worked really hard to manage a difficult situation and keep the school open which they should be congratulated for - not criticised.

“Everything they have done is to help families and help try and keep everyone safe. As I said at the beginning, I’m sorry this parent feels this way but his allegations are incorrect and I’m sure the school would want to reassure him if he contacted the school to try and resolve his issues.”

As previously reported, parents have called for the school to be closed due to the number of potential cases.