A massive cash injection for council services is needed to cope with the budget shortfall caused by the coronavirus crisis, union leaders are warning.

Four unions are holding a protest today outside the City Chambers in George Square to highlight the impact on essential services.

Unison, Unite, EIS and GMB are highlighting the cuts that will be needed unless the council gets special financial help.

They point to a £100m forecasted budget shortfall on top of already expected cuts.

Brian Smith, Unison Glasgow, Branch Secretary said: “Local Government across Scotland is in deep financial crisis. Glasgow City Council is a special case there are unique aspects of the current situation that requires an urgent financial injection.  The City faces significant budget pressures that needs addressed now.

“The scale of the crisis is beyond the purse of the city council alone. As economic austerity looms again, the services that Glasgow Council offer can play a key role, both in regenerating the local economy and stimulating tourism, and in providing vital services that can help communities weather the coming storm, particularly those which are the most marginalised.”

The city’s biggest teaching union warns the most disadvantaged children are being hit hardest by the impact of coronavirus.

Andrew Fullwood, chair of EIS Glasgow, said: “The virus has exposed the inequality in society and teachers are doing all they can to keep schools open and meet the needs of all pupils. The most disadvantaged have been the worst effected and we need funds to meet their needs – we need more teachers and smaller class sizes to keep schools open and keep everyone safe.”