TOLLCROSS residents have hit out at the “state of the place” following large amounts of bulk furniture lying around.

Items such as cardboard, carpets, worktops, wooden flooring, cabinets, and shopping trolleys have been abandoned at the back of London Road and Braidfauld Street this week. 

One local resident, who asked not to be named, got in touch with the Glasgow Times to raise the issue.

He said: “The place is a state. I’ve never seen anything like it before, the bulk is completely everywhere – it looks like a war zone.

Glasgow Times:

“The mess has been there for at least a couple of weeks. It started with furniture but when people see it, they just add to it. It’s a complete shambles.

“I’ve contacted Glasgow City Council (GCC) but they are not lifting any bulk. The whole city must be completely rife with fly tipping.”

A spokesman for Tollcross Housing Association said they are pleading with their tenants not to leave any rubbish out.

A spokesman added: “The council bulk uplift service is not in operation at the moment due to Covid-19. We are desperately going round as often as we can to pick rubbish up.

“We’re doing the best we can to deal with it.”

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The local resident said that the issue of fly tipping has got to be addressed as the mess can also present as a fire hazard.

He added: “Not only is it a real eye sore, there are people like me who are concerned about the fire hazard aspect. It’s horrendous.”

A spokesman for GCC said: “Bulk uplifts were suspended just prior to lockdown as it allowed us to focus on the services we are legally obliged to provide such as general waste and recycling collections.

“The controls designed to suppress the virus such a restrictions on staff within vehicles and offices have also been a significant challenge to delivering services during lockdown.

“Agreement between the various stakeholders has still to be confirmed on how more staff can safely travel within the same vehicle, which will increase our capacity to deliver non-statutory services such as bulk uplifts.

Glasgow Times:

“But we are hopeful the bulk uplift service can resume in the very near future.

“We are very grateful for the patience shown by the vast majority of people who have worked with us throughout the pandemic and we have removed fly-tipping wherever possible.

“Many housing associations have also continued to dispose of large items appropriately on behalf of their residents and that has made a significant contribution to the city at a difficult time.

“Our household waste recycling centres are now open seven days a week for Glasgow residents to dispose of large items in person.”

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Glasgow Shettleston MSP John Mason said he is aware of the issue and had a look for himself on Sunday afternoon.

He added: “My staff are in touch with the housing association and the council. I am very much hoping that bulk uplift can start again soon. However, I do understand that social distancing for the bin collection staff means they cannot collect as much as they used to, and it takes them longer.

“I am afraid that fly tipping and bulk refuse not being collected is happening all across the city and across Scotland. I see it all across the constituencies. Unfortunately, the addresses in Tollcross are far from being the worst.”

Glasgow Times:

Mr Mason also suggested that residents with cars can take any items they no longer want to council recycling centres.