IT WAS one of the first luxury hotels in Glasgow, a glorious hotspot for the rich and famous back in the 60s and 70s.

The Albany, demolished in 2007, holds fond memories for Lily Marshall, who worked there in its heyday.

“I was a waitress, then a supervisor, in the 15 years I worked there,” she explains.

“A typical night involved 60 waitresses lined up in corridors with soup tureens and bowls.

“When the signal was given 30 of us, in our green and white uniforms, turned right and the other 30 turned left into the ballroom. Everything had to be done with precision, timing, signals and discipline.”

Glasgow Times:

She adds: “Many of the waitresses will remember Bombe Vesuvius, a sweet layered with sponge, ice cream and covered in meringue, with sparklers on top.

“The lights would be dimmed, the doors would open and we marched in. It was quite a sight and we were always given a standing ovation. Mind you, we had a few burnt hair styles that night….”

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The waitresses were not fond of December, recalls Lily. “That was Christmas party night month - 450 revellers, out to have a good time,” she adds. “There were crackers, balloons, hooters and even bits of rolls flying about.

“Silver service went out the window - you just had to do your best.”

Glasgow Times:

Lily says: “I met many good friends and never forgot my days in the Albany Hotel.”

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