A WEST-END woman has hit out at “unforgivable behaviour” seen in a spate of parties held in flats on her street.

Shirley Lenehan has claimed students living in privately leased flats have been keeping her and her husband up all night for the past four weeks.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning police were called to Arlington Street to break-up a party.

However, according to the Mrs Lenehan parties have since continued, despite Covid-19 clusters at Glasgow University accommodation.

The woman, who suffers from health conditions and is recovering from cancer, claims the Woodlands street sounds like “Sauchiehall Street on a Friday night” with parties going on until 6.30am.

“It is exhausting. I just feel it is not on,” she said.

“There were no masks, they definitely weren’t social distancing.

“The noise just goes on and they are just partying and partying until 6am in the morning.

Glasgow Times:

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“My husband and I have barely had a wink of sleep in the past four weeks. The first couple of weeks we let it go because there weren’t the same measures and we thought they would settle down.

“But it has only got worse in the past two weeks since there has been a Glasgow lockdown.”

The woman reached a breaking point on Tuesday early-morning when her husband was not with her.

“I have a condition that stress makes worst,” she added. “It actually affects my breathing.

“They are making it unsafe for people like me to go out in the street.”

Her husband has tried to reason with the partygoers for the past few weeks with little to no success.

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Glasgow Times:

“I have shielded for five, nearly six months, and I followed every single rule,” she added. “Every person in this country has known about the measures we have to take and they have ignored every single issue.”

But Mrs Lenehan clarified her issue is not with all young people or students but believes something must be done about the “irresponsible” behaviour.

She said: “It’s about saving lives it is not about condemning them.

“I am not saying it is every student but it is a pocket of them.

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“It is not about being against young people or students it is about the fact that they are breaking the law.”

Mrs Lenehan is hopeful Glasgow University will step in with stricter warnings for students who continue to hold parties.

Cops, meanwhile, confirmed they attended a property on Arlington Street while one of the country’s top officers pleaded with students to follow the rules.

Police Scotland Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said: “Our approach throughout the pandemic has been to engage with the public, explain the legislation and guidance, and encourage compliance, using enforcement only as a last resort. That will continue.

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“We know that public confidence in the policing approach we have taken is high and the vast majority of the public have been complying with the law.

“As the rising number of cases shows, the risks are increasing, requiring the new measures that have been introduced. I hope that people will continue to take full personal responsibility for adhering to all the existing and new restrictions, for the greater good and health of the nation.”

Glasgow University was approached for comment.