A new hub for homeless people to seek help has been opened in Glasgow city centre to bring a range of services in one place.

The Access Hub run by the Simon Community will see staff from a number of agencies in one place to

As well as housing help people will be able to get financial and legal support and advice, counselling and digital support as well as health and well-being services.

Glasgow Times:

Lorraine Macintosh and Ricky Ross of Deacon Blue opened the new hub ready to welcome clients.

Service user, Joanne , 40, said: “There are lots of different issues I’ve faced while homeless. The Simon Community is one of the main services that worked for me, so to hear of the new premises is fantastic.

“The Access Hub has so much space for so many activities and lots of quiet, wee spots for the wee chats that really help people like myself.

“It’s great to be able to drop in to chat about something small or to discuss more serious stuff like help with benefits, the sexual health clinic and also Trusty Paws monthly vet clinic. My dog, Jinty, is a regular visitor.”

How the space looks and feels for people in need of support is important according to the woman who will be in charge of the Hub,

Ashley Young, service lead for the Access Hub, said: “Everyone deserves to be in spaces that feel good – places that promote healing and well-being.

“The people we support are having some of the toughest days of their lives – we want to make it really easy to get support.

“It’s really important that the environment and interactions with staff feel good.

“Following numerous COVID-related delays, we’re so excited to be finally opening the doors and are looking forward to seeing how this service grows and develops.”

The aim is to create a new friendly and welcoming space, less official but to put people at ease and be able to deal with people in a calming relaxed environment.

Lorraine McGrath, Community Scotland chief executive, said: “Getting support should feel as good as possible, especially if you’re having a really hard time.

“We have launched a beautifully-designed and welcoming space and service, so important for people who are facing extremely difficult circumstances.

“We wanted a space and service that feels good, calm and can even contribute towards healing.

“Getting support should be as easy as possible, especially if your confidence has been knocked, you’re dealing with multiple pressures and you may be in poor mental or physical health.

“By coming together, ‘under the one roof’, many of the barriers to accessing critical services are removed.

“The last thing anyone requiring support should have to do is negotiate various bureaucracies. The hub also doubles up as a great way for partners to learn from each other and work more efficiently in providing solutions for even the most challenging of circumstances.”

Glasgow Times:

The hub has been set up in partnership with Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, Glasgow City Mission, Marie Trust and Turning Point Scotland. Along with Simon Community Scotland, each are members of City Ambition Network, formed in 2015 to aid Glasgow’s most vulnerable and excluded homeless people.

Funding for the premises and project has been provided by the Robertson Trust, Glasgow City Mission, Bank of Scotland Foundation, Glasgow City HSCP, the Clothworkers Foundation and the Landfill Trust, along with Simon Community Scotland’s own budget.