SCOTLAND is set to be gripped by an ‘arctic freeze’ this weekend, with frost and cold temperatures forecast.

BBC weather forecaster Sarah Keith-Lucas has warned that despite a forecast of sunshine, “what all of us will experience is the strength of that cold northernly wind”.

She added “This area of low pressure will be a troublemaker over the next few days”.

It comes as Scotland had its coldest September night in a century on Wednesday evening.

Altnaharra in Sutherland recorded -5C that night – the coldest Scotland has been on a September night in 23 years.

Matt Taylor, a BBC meteorologist, said the weather was down to an extreme chill air mass coming from the Arctic.

On Thursday he said: "The reason it was so chilly was due to the air mass across Scotland last night being a rather cold one.

"The air originated across the Arctic, and with clear skies and the now longer nights, temperatures were able to drop below freezing widely across the northern half of Scotland."

"Some more frosty nights are expected over the coming days, with a small chance we could see the odd spot get even colder than last night."

Returning to this weekend, temperatures are set to range between 13C to 16C, but forecasters warn it will feel much cooler across Scotland.

Ms Keith-Lucas added: "Overnight, temperatures will fall down well into the single figures.

"A chilly start to your Saturday morning, could even see a touch of frost in Scotland."