STARSTRUCK staff at a Largs restaurant played it for laughs this week after a special visit from one of the UK's hottest comedians.

Kevin Bridges swapped his sell out tours for a visit to Tinto Tapas on Monday for a bite to eat.

Candy Craig, whose father Gordon runs the restaurant chain , was delighted to serve the funnyman as he ordered a selection of tasty delights from the menu.

The 23-year-old, who lives in Largs, is a big fan of the 33-year-old stand-up, who hails from Clydebank.

Glasgow Times:

She said: "When Kevin came in he didn't have a mask so we were able to provide him with one and I took his temperature.

"I couldn't quite believe it was him! He was really nice and friendly.

"He was sitting more to the back of the restaurant, and enjoyed a meal with his wife and her parents, who have been customers in the premises before.

"He left a generous tip, which we were very grateful for.

"I am a big fan of Kevin so it was a great thrill to personally serve him - I had to get another member of staff to check it was him when he first walked in as I doubted myself."

The comic enjoyed a paella carne - mixed grill, chicken skewers and mini burgers. Candy added: "Kevin was really nice and agreed to have his photo taken and also gave us his autograph.

"He was very down to earth in person, a great guy."

Since the Boyd Street/Gateside Street premises re-opened in mid-summer, things have been busy.

Candy commented: "Kevin got a bargain because we continued the Eat Out Help Out Scheme into this month.

"We wanted to say thank you to everyone for their incredible support throughout August."

Tinto Tapas replaced the former Royal Oak Bar around five years ago and has premises in Glasgow, Uddingston, East Kilbride and Troon.