RESIDENTS in Govan have been hailing a digital initiative, after Govan Housing Association was handed a £40,000 boost to deliver services.

The housing association launched the digital project during lockdown to help support residents with online learning and communication tools.

The 'Digital Lending Library' is just one of the services available with help of the funding, which hands out devices such as tablets to locals.

So far 175 tablets have been handed out.

Paul MacAlindin is one local resident who has praised the project.

He said: “Whether I'm working for Govan as artistic director of our orchestra, The Glasgow Barons, or as a guy who chips in during lockdown, I completely get why we have to tackle digital and internet poverty head-on.

"It was my pleasure to be on the front line for Govan Housing Association distributing free tablets and laptops so kids could do their homework and Govanites could connect."

Of the £41,300 funding awarded from the Scottish Government's Supporting Communities Fund, £17,100 will go towards the Govan Housing Association's digital library directly.

The remaining will be used to support 10 local organisations in creating their own 'lending libraries'.

Fiona McTaggart, chief executive of Govan Housing Association, said: “We were delighted to receive two lots of funding which makes all the difference to our work on digital inclusion and to ensure more and more of our tenants and the wider community pick up digital skills."

“It has allowed us to extend the reach of our Digital Lending Library to get more people online with devices which helps defeat isolation and loneliness.

"It also helps people access training and for job seeking."

'Digital champions' will also be created to help with support of the devices.

Fiona said: “We know all too well that the effects of the pandemic will be felt in Govan for some time to come and we are committed to working with others to always put our community first.”