GLASGOW’S cleansing department has donated £500 to Drumchapel’s food bank to help them feed the city’s most vulnerable residents.

Staff began collecting for these organisations four months ago and handed over the cash to this group who have been volunteering throughout the pandemic.

The donation was made on Thursday following a protest to protect jobs and services outside Glasgow City Council.

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Chris Mitchell, convener of GMB trade union, said: “It’s an honour today to be in Drumchapel to support the local foodbank.

“I think they do an absolutely phenomenal job supporting communities, especially throughout this Covid-19 pandemic.

“I don’t think any community in Scotland could survive without these people.

"No family in this day and age should go hungry. I hope Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government think about these people when they are making budget cuts.

“These charities need supported. As a trade union we will support every community within Glasgow and in Scotland through this pandemic crisis. We are proud to work alongside essential and key workers who are a necessity within communities and help them to thrive."

Earlier in the year the GMB Glasgow 40 Branch awarded the city’s Lord Provost a glass plaque to say thank you for his contribution during lockdown.

In June councillor Philip Braat got his hands dirty and spent a day working with the cleansing department and contributing to their cause.

Nine brass plates were also presented to the different depots across the city as a thank you for all their hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic. Mr Mitchell has also publicly thanked other key members of the community.

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He added:“I would like to thank councillor Paul Carey for all the work he does within Drumchapel and I would also like to thank the Lord Provost of Glasgow, councillor Philip Braat who donated to the foodbank.

“We welcome the efforts of the cleansing department who started a collection for these organisations four months ago as well Janice Flynn and Gary Smith from GMB trade union for their charity work.

“It is a pleasure and honour to hand over £500 to this organisation within Glasgow. They go a wonderful job. I hope everyone in the city continues to stay safe and the communities thrive and stick together through this pandemic and work together – we will get through this.”

Councillor Carey added: "As the councillor for Drumchapel I would like to thank the GMB for donating £500 pounds to Drumchapel food bank, particularly to Chris Mitchell GMB Steward.

"It is a great gesture from the GMB , I am sure Drumchapel food bank are very grateful for their kind donation.

The food bank continues to look for support and donations from members of the public, especially during these challenging times."

To donate visit their facebook page or pop into Unit 9, KCEDG Main Reception, Ladyloan Place, Drumchapel, G15 8LB.