Actress Elaine C Smith has called for Glaswegians to "keep their heid" ahead of this September weekend. 

Addressing Greater Glasgow in the name of area's health board, she begged people to "behave" this weekend and respect coronavirus restrictions. 

This September weekend will be like no other with venues placed a strict 10pm curfew and people restricted to groups of six. 

She said: "I hope you are all keeping as well as you can during this dark and miserable time. A pandemic eh?

"Who would have ever thought of that? I certainly didnae. 

"This is just a wee quick message from me to try and remind us all the behave ourselves this weekend. This is a message to myself as well by the way. To try and listen to and follow the guidelines."

"I know I speak for us all when I say the last thing we want is for us all the be back at the start of all this in March when we first went into lockdown. 

"Remember? When we all thought that this would be over in a few weeks and everything would be back to normal," she added.

Speaking of early lockdown days, she said: "I never got into the baking thing though. What was that? I mean folk who never heard of bread were suddenly making it as their life depended on it. 

"Or that when folk were buying hunners of toilet roll what was that about I kept thinking do they know something about this virus that I don't? 

"Maybe if you keep your backside clean then you are not going to get the virus," Elaine joked.

Coronavirus cases have been on the rise in recent weeks, with increased restrictions brought out for the whole of Scotland this week.

This September weekend will also be unprecedented for students who have been asked to avoid bars, pubs and restaurants this weekend.

It comes after hundreds of students across Glasgow and Scotland are self-isolating, with outbreaks seen at Glasgow University. 

She asked people to remember that "things weren't over". 

"It is a really, really tough time for us all. And the pandemic is dragging on.

"Covid-19 is still here and sadly, terribly, cases are rising again and people are dying.

"We have to act as collectively as we can to minimise the spread of this horrible, horrible virus. 

"We are all in this together, I mean every single person, in Glasgow, Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Scotland, the UK and globally. 

"So please stick to the guideline eh.

"For the love of God, don't have and don't go to a party. Don't let your friends go to a party. Don't even talk about parties."

The actress from Bailieston is known for her iconic role of Glaswegian Mary 'Doll' Nesbit and Christine from Two Doors Down.

She made sure to call back to a well-known phrase from one of her rolls. 

Elaine added: "As my alter ego Christine from Two Doors Down would say 'keep your f***ing heid will you?"