A NUMBER of coronavirus cases linked to an East End pub have seen the venue closed for deep cleaning. 

On Thursday evening, the Log Cabin on Bredisholm Road announced that the pub would close early after they were told a customer had tested positive for the virus. 

The next day, more cases were found to be linked to the venue and so the pub announced that it would close over the weekend, to reopen on Tuesday morning but that its restaurant, Massimos at the Log Cabin, would remain open as usual, as there was "no crossover [with] the restaurant". 

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Earlier today, the Log Cabin again took to Facebook to announce that the pub had been deep cleaned and that it would reopen on Thursday, October 1. In this period, the decision was taken to close Massimos at the Log Cabin and it was announced today that the restaurant would remain closed until Tuesday, October 13. 

The pub's owners said: "We have deep cleaned and will be maintaining strict Covid-compliance measures.

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"Temperatures will be taken on entry and we will ask anyone who feels 'under the weather' to stay at home. Even if it’s just a wee cold.

"Please understand staff and customers' safety is paramount. Take care."