DANGEROUS driving and damaged road signs on an Ibrox street has left primary school kids narrowly avoiding being hit by vehicles, residents have claimed.

Residents of Hinshelwood Drive have voiced their concerns over poor speed measures and a faded no entry sign, which drivers have been ignoring for years.

The road, which lies behind Ibrox Primary School, is said to be “dangerous” when traffic builds up during the school run at 9am and 3pm.

Janette Smith, 62, lives on the street and has complained about the road to Glasgow City council for the past three years.

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She said: “We have phoned up ­repeatedly about this and nothing is done which is shocking.

“When the traffic is heavy in the morning and in the afternoon when the school lets out, there is traffic going in all directions and it is not safe for kids to cross the road.”

The sign at the end of Hinshelwood Drive, which shows a faded no-entry symbol, has been reported by Janette numerous time, with no changes made.

Edmiston Drive, to the front of the primary school gates, is currently blocked off to vehicles as Scottish Water undertake essential work. The closure, which began in June, was expected to be finished by mid-September but has been ­extended.

With this road closure, traffic has increased down the considerably smaller, residential lane and drivers have been ignoring road rules in an attempt to avoid delays.

She said: “The road closure has made it worse because people are just flying everywhere to avoid it.”

“We are right outside a primary school – we have seen kids nearly hit so many times, it’s just an accident waiting to happen.”

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One close-call incident, which occurred last week, saw a primary school-aged child nearly run over by an irate driver.

Janette’s son, who witnessed the event, said: “A young girl around the age of 11 or 12 was crossing the road and was nearly hit by a driver who turned down the no entry.

“I couldn’t believe it either ­because the driver got out and was shouting abuse at the girl because he said she wasn’t crossing the road properly.

“Something has to be done, there have been too many near misses with this and it would rest on my conscious if something did happen.”

The residents also reported an incident with a supermarket lorry turning down the no-entry street, damaging cars in the process.

Janette’s son said: “The lorry turned down and scraped cars along the street. I couldn’t believe it. It’s obvious that there is an issue with the signs or the fact that there are no cameras because people are ignoring it.”

Janette said: “It’s crazy to me that there are no speed bumps, no 20mph signs or speed cameras, given that it is outside a school I thought that they had to have those kind of things.

“We have asked for speed bumps, a camera or a new sign but we’ve been ignored.

“They said over the past few months that work can’t be done because of coronavirus but I don’t see how that could be the casE now.

“Putting a new sign up would be a quick thing to do and could be done safely, and I would think that because it is beside a school, it would be a priority to get this fixed.

“You can’t wait until an accident happens with something like this, especially not when it is beside a school.”

In response to the claims, a Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “Road safety around our schools is of a course a matter of the utmost importance, and we always consider appropriate measures to help ensure this.

“We would expect drivers to – as always – take care when driving, and will examine the condition of the sign referred to.”