CELTIC fans have taken to Twitter to vent their outrage over a question on ITV's The Chase. 

Host of the primetime quiz show, Bradley Walsh, asked a contestant: "Which Scottish club was triple relegated in 2012?"

One fan addressed the show's official Twitter account with the message: "There was NO triple relegation for the club formerly known as Glasgow Rangers. They were liquidated. They ceased to exist.

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"What we have now is a tribute. Liquidation is terminal. You canny relegate a dead club."

Another said: "FYI Rangers were not triple relegated... They went bust and started life as a new club in the lowest league."

Another user wrote: "A club 'triple relegated in Scotland in 2012?' The players have a right to call that lie out". 

One Rangers fan who appreciated the show's reference tweeted: "We welcome the chase", a motto used by some Light Blues fans, drawn from a quote by the second manager of Rangers, Bill Struth. He said of the young club: "Let the others come after us, we welcome the chase."

The answer provided by the show was Rangers FC, which was liquidated and relegated following a crisis in the club's finances. 

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The liquidation remains the subject of controversy with Old Firm fans, with some Celtic die-hards insisting that Rangers ceased to exist when it was liquidated. Some continue to refer to the Ibrox side as Sevco - the name of the company which bought the club's assets in 2012.