PARENTS have come out in defence of a Coronavirus hit primary school.

Members of the St Francis Primary parent council have praised staff for their handling of the crisis after it emerged a number of teachers were in quarantine after testing positive for the virus.

It comes after the school faced criticism from some parents whose children had been forced to isolate after coming into contact with their teachers. Three classes are currently in isolation.

In a statement, the parent council said: “We are extremely worried by the Covid-19 outbreak in our school, and the impact that this may have on our children, and even our own health.

“This is a stressful time for everyone who has children at the school. No parent or carer wants to see their child and family have to self isolate ... We are sure that the school would love to provide more detailed information, but this is incredibly sensitive, and they are not in a position to talk about, and subsequently indirectly identify, individuals who may have tested positive.”

It added: “We on the parent council have full faith in our management team and know how hard they have worked on this, and that they are doing everything in their power to keep our children safe.

“We will continue to work with the school to ensure that all information that can be made public, will be made public, to address parents and carers concerns.”

As previously reported, Glasgow City Council insisted the school has followed protocol and staff have worked “extremely hard” to manage the situation.