THE current situation we’re in with Covid-19, means theres no easy answers to keep everyone both safe and happy from Covid.

Ultimately, compromises must be made.

But, the pub closures at 10pm have had advantages too.

The silence on some streets over the weekend has been ghostly.

An enjoyable relief, compared to the “norm” of drunken, noisy fights, shouting, singing and screaming well past midnight.

Long may this continue.

Jill Ferguson


WHEN is this government going to raise all taxes by a small amount to help pay for all the measures put in place?

It is obvious, even to a common person like me, that this is the only way it can be done. Someone mentioned the triple lock on pensions but cuts to the welfare budget will not cover this.

An emergency bill putting 2% or 3% on all taxes for a year or two, a bit higher for corporation tax plus a one-off payment from the self-assessment taxpayers.

These measures will need to run for at least two years.

The “gig” economy must be made to contribute as this affects us all. But I know this will not happen and the poorest will pay most of the cost.

William Allan

Via email

WHY are these anti-lockdown demonstrators allowed to gather in large numbers without social distancing or masks?

They are clearly part of the problem in the virus spiking out of control and affecting the general population.

Glasgow Times:

These idiots should be prevented from gathering in such numbers in the first place and if that means hosing them off the streets, so be it.



HOW many people have died of cancer due to lack of treatment because of Covid?

How many have died due to suicide because their mental health has been badly affected due to job losses or been told to stay at home with no-one to talk to? I totally understand Covid is a horrible illness.

I’ve had it and I’m one of the lucky ones that it didn’t affect badly and I had loving family around me to get me through it – but there’s people out there who aren’t as lucky as me.

We can’t be doing this forever.

It’s not going to go away unless there’s a vaccine.

There needs to be a way for us to move on and live our lives.

Elizanne Sophie N Erin

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