The man behind Scotland's first drugs consumption room has launched a fundraiser in a bid to expand support sites.

Peter Krykant, who is a recovering heroin addict and former drugs worker, began operating the country's first drugs consumption room in Glasgow earlier this month - without government approval. 

The UK Government announced it had no plans to introduce consumption rooms country-wide, despite backing from politicians.

Glasgow Times:

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Peter's mobile consumption room is currently staffed by a range of volunteers - including former MP's, former nurses and medical students. 

He yesterday launched an online fundraiser in a bid to expand on support sites across Scotland.

A statement reads: "Currently, Glasgow has the biggest ongoing outbreak of HIV the UK has seen in 30 years, this is condensed to people who inject drugs in the city centre. 

"Scotland has the worst Drug Death rate in the world with around four people dying per day of average. Urgent action is needed on a large scale, individuals and families are suffering and they need our help. 

"Glasgow now has an Overdose Protection Site which is operating weekly, staffed by a range of volunteers from former MP's, those with personal experience injecting drugs, former nurses and medical students."

So far, the room helps around 10 people in average per week to inject safely with sterile equipment with Naloxone and a defibrillator on-site. 

Glasgow Times:

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Peter is now fundraising to set up an official site in Glasgow, with aims of helping around 500 people who currently inject in squalid conditions.

The statement continues: "With the worst drug death rate in the world, Scotland needs this more than most places however we understand this is not a silver bullet but just one of a range of evidence based interventions that help keep people alive.

"You can support through Twitter and Instagram by sharing and publicly supporting the drive to establish Scotlands and the UK's first official site, lobby your MP and MSP, send a letter to the Crown Office for attention of the Lord Advocate and if you want come stand on the front line, start your own OPS or volunteer on current ones in Glasgow. 

"All money raised will go to support the set up of sites in Glasgow and potentially other areas if people step forward and need support to set sites up."

View the online fundraiser HERE.