Bobby Pollock

Earliest memory of Glasgow? At Cardonald Primary School moving from the “old” school building on Paisley Road West to the brand new school building in Angus Oval (although I had to struggle up a very steep hill to the new school) but it was great in winter sliding down the hill in the snow

Which street did you live on? Bucklaw Gardens

Describe your house: We lived in a detached bungalow (or a “big posh house” as somebody at my school described it...)

What school did you go to? Cardonald Primary and Penilee Secondary (a 15 minute bus journey on the number 55 taking “hudgies” on the open back door of the bus..)

Glasgow Times:

Favourite local cinema: Mosspark Picture House (known locally as the “fleapit”) I remember going to the Saturday matinee with my two big sisters to see the Beatles films Help! and A Hard Day’s Night, and the James Bond movies, Dr No and From Russia with Love. It was threepence to get in to the picture house and threepence for a bag of sweets.

Favourite local shop: Peter’s Fish & Chip Shop (best fish suppers in the whole world.)

Where did you go dancing? The Savoy in Sauchiehall Street, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night - even during the three months I was unemployed.

Glasgow Times:

Best thing about growing up in Glasgow? Being the only boy out of six children (I got away with murder and didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs.) Also, one of my favourite memories is learning to drive.

This is a picture of me and my pal Alan with my dad’s Mini Traveller Estate (950cc) in 1972. I borrowed it often - and ran it ragged. I passed my test on a Friday afternoon and drove past my work at the National Savings Bank in Cowglen at speed to show off to my colleagues at the bus stop.

Then I looked in my mirror and saw blue flashing lights. A speeding ticket 10 MINUTES after passing my test....