A PHOTOGRAPH taken of a Glasgow nurse is set to be shown as part of an exhibition at the National Portrait Museum.

In the snap, which was taken by NHSGCC's medical illustration team photographer Lisa Miller, nurse Lindsay Macdonald carries young Hannah, as she makes her way to the operating theatre at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Children.

Lisa's photograph was chosen from 31,000 entries to take part in the exhibition.

She said: “I took this shot during the height of the pandemic and it shows that in the middle of what was and still is a scary time for everyone, the comfort of a nurse to a young patient.

“I’ve been working in our hospitals throughout the pandemic and have been able to capture moments no one else has been able to."

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Lisa has also been shortlisted for a Sky Arts TV award, for another image also featuring Lindsay.

"We’ve had to wear full PPE which has made it hard to focus and frame the images through the viewfinder of the camera properly but I’ve been able to expand my skill range and take portraits alongside medical photographs.”

The 'Hold Still' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery showcases 100 photographs from the pandemic and is available to view online at www.npg.org.uk/hold-still/