AN ART tribute dedicated to the Gorbals most-loved heroes has been vandalised.

The '7 arches' art tribute on Cleland Street in the South Side community was vandalised, with graffiti sprayed over tributes to boxer Benny Lynch and artist Hannah Frank.

Another panel is dedicated to Gorbals-born detective Allan Pinkerton.

Glasgow Times:

The tribute, which was created by artist Liz Peden in a collaboration between Gorbals Art Project and New Gorbals Housing Association, was launched in 2016 and celebrate those local heroes born in the Gorbals area of the city.

Glasgow Times:

Upon the opening of the mural four years ago, artist Liz Peden described the artwork as a "history wall" which sits at the north side of the Cleland Street underpass.

Glasgow Times:

She also described it as a symbol to “demonstrate to our young people that no matter where you come from, you can achieve great things.”

One frustrated local said: "So disrespectful.

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"They should be filled with pride at Benny's achievement but of course they are brainless people."

Benny Lynch, who was born on Florence Street in 1913, made history by becoming Scotland's first world boxing champion.

Glasgow Times:

Another outraged local said: "No amount of vandalism can destroy a champ but very disrespectful."

Hannah Frank, who passed away in 2008 at the age of 100, was thought to have been the last living link to Art Nouveau in Glasgow.

New Gorbals Housing Association maintain the tribute, and have done since the installation.

A spokeswoman for the group said: "New Gorbals Housing Association regularly remove vandalism from the site, and will do so again with the tags that have been left on the artwork this week."