ALTHOUGH I fully support the Scottish Government in their attempts to combat the virus, I have to agree with correspondent Bill Adair regarding his points about the practices at airports which differ drastically to those abroad. 

If the Spanish can handle this so professionally and efficiently, why on earth can’t we get our act together after this length of time? 

Get incoming passengers checked thoroughly and make sure test and trace is actually working. 

How hard can that be?


THE scenes outside pubs in London and other major cities as the 10pm curfew came into force were an absolute disgrace. 

These people have no shame and certainly no feelings for the thousands who have suffered through this virus. 

Their parents must be very proud of them.

Let’s have a real shutdown and close the pubs and all alcohol outlets for the next three months at least. Can you imagine what Christmas and New Year are going to be like?

These idiots are responsible for the hikes in transmission but they just don’t care as it’s all about them.


COULD somebody from NHS24 please explain why a patient who contacts this service and is prescribed medication, arranges said medication to be collected from a Boots chemist which is supposedly open on its website, then finds out it is actually 
closed over the September weekend?

I then had to recontact NHS24 for medication previously prescribed but go through the whole process again, only this time the chemist hasn’t got the prescription because the doctor hasn’t contacted them.

Thank God it was only to stop vomiting, nothing life-threatening and it only took four hours to get this wonderful service – still no medication.


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IT looks like a poorly thought-out place to locate no-entry signs, generally they are located at the beginning of a street (Parents warn ‘kids will die’ if no action taken on this city street, Tuesday)

The location in this picture would necessitate drivers doing a three-point turn in a part of the road where the width is restricted by parked cars. The faded sign, which has been reported numerous times according to the story, is inexcusable neglect from the council.

Ronnie Simpson
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