YOU must have seen the image – stunning bride Rowan McCabe photographed crossing Byres Road last Friday night in full white wedding outfit, in contrast to a background of moody Glasgow darkness. 

The candid moment in time was captured by well-kent press photographer Wattie Cheung (a longstanding attendee of the Glasgow Taxi outing to Troon departure from Kelvin Way, no less). 

The image will endure, no doubt, in years to come as future generations reflect on the year(s) of Covid-19 and the drastic and sudden changes it meant for all of our lives. 

This was a moment of triumph, a two-fingered salute to the virus from someone determined to make the most of it and smile despite the circumstances. 

It’s a picture which enjoyed blanket media coverage, travelled far and wide thanks to social media and even generated a congratulatory comment from the First Minister. 

The fact this story had a happy ending – Rowan and her new husband catching a taxi at our Byres Road rank and being safely transported home – makes it all the better. 

We can all do with cheering up at the moment – as we all remain in this together. 

The back story to this moment, of course, is the 10pm curfew which meant the new Mr and Mrs were homeward bound at the point of an evening when, in normal times, the wedding party would just be clicking into top gear. 

Credit to Rowan for overcoming that disappointment and providing such a powerful image. 

Credit as well, of course, goes to Wattie for the outstanding capture – and displaying the “right place at the right time” instinct of McCoist/Larsson/Doolan (edit as per your preferences!). 


As for the 10pm curfew, that has received many more column inches than Wattie’s photo, and that’s saying something. 

Clearly it’s another challenge for the taxi trade – as it is for pubs, restaurants, hospitality businesses. 

Hopefully it’s a short-term measure and things can change positively, and safely, for everyone again soon. 

Whatever happens, us drivers must continue to promote our separated and sanitised taxis as the safest way to travel – which is exactly the reason so many people like Rowan choose to head for our ranks at the end of the night, 10pm or otherwise. 

So here’s to the overall picture improving soon – and if anyone can improve on Wattie’s picture, I can’t wait to see it. 

Stay safe!