DOZENS of complaints have been lodged against Glasgow maternity units during the coronavirus pandemic.

A freedom of information request revealed a total of 47 grievances were lodged with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde departments throughout the year.

A total of 12 were fully upheld, 11 were partially upheld and three were categorised as “other” – while 21 complaints were not upheld at all. 

The cause of the criticisms is not known due to patient confidentiality.

However, expectant mothers have spoken out of their concerns over the restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 guidelines, such as access for partners and the use of birthing pools. 

Maria Booker, programmes director for charity Birthrights, said: “As coronavirus cases rise again, maternity providers must learn the lessons of the trauma already caused, and ensure that pregnant women and birthing people can choose how and where they give birth, surrounded by companions of their choice and that they are treated with dignity and compassion. 

“The mental health of a coronavirus generation of young families is at stake.”

As previously reported, individual health boards were deciding when it was suitable to reintroduce certain measures. 

A spokeswoman for the board said: “Throughout the pandemic maternity services have continued to operate to ensure women and their families are supported and provided with safe care in the lead up to, during, and following the birth. From January 2020, 8866 babies were born in our region with the support of our dedicated staff.

“Throughout Covid-19, we have worked hard to support women across our services and have ensured that we have followed all the national guidance relating to maternity services. 

“We have tried to facilitate as much time as possible for birthing partners to be with the mother and continue to do all we can to ensure that mums to be and new mums have all the information they need and are supported as much as possible.”

“We are committed to providing high-quality care and treatment to our patients, and excellent service to others who use the services included in our maternity units at all times. 

“Patient-centred care is at the heart of everything we do but we understand that sometimes patient expectations may not be met. If an individual is dissatisfied with something we have done, or have not done, we will do our best to put things right. 

“If we cannot resolve matters in the way an individual may wish, we will explain why it is not possible to do as they suggest and work with the family to provide as much information as possible.”