Today is your last chance to watch one of Scotland’s most beloved tv shows on streaming service Netflix.

Chewin’ the Fat, which originally aired in 1999, featured some of the biggest names in Scottish comedy with Greg Hemphill, Ford Kiernan, Karen Dunbar, Mark Cox and Joe Riley.

Netflix UK has announced that the show will be coming off their service on 1 October, so we have taken a look at some of our favourite Chewin’ the Fat quotes and sketches.

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Here are some of our favourites.

1. I’m from Kilmacolm

2. Good guy, good guy, w**k

3. The Maryhill Margaritas - The Banter Boys

Our favourite West Enders get ready for a trip to watch the famous Partick Thistle… the only problem is that they don’t know where the stadium actually is.

4. The smoking family sing happy birthday

The family celebrate their son’s birthday by giving him the ultimate birthday present - more cigarettes. It’s just a shame all that smoking meant that he struggled to put out his candles.

5. Ronald Villiers and five guys called Mo

The world’s worst actor tried to star in a Nifty Fit advert but Ronald couldn’t quite remember his line.

Glasgow Times: Chewin the fat hogmanay kiernan, greg hemphill and karen

6. A smell sh**e

7. The invisible boss

For obvious reasons, you’ve probably never seen this character. But if you look back at episode one at 8 minutes and 10 seconds in you can see him holding the red bag.

8. Ya couple a f*****s!

9. Does the pope wear a mitre? - The Banter Boys

10. Milk, Lemonade, Chocolate

11. ‘Mon the fish!

12. I’m wearing jesus sandals as a tribute to the boss.

13. Never use a strangers toilet! - Peeling an orange.

14. He’s just started with the m**********g

15. Gonnae no dae that? How? Just gonnae no

16. Take a drink!

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Glasgow Times: Chewin the fat hogmanay special 2005

17. Rrrrrrrrrrrizla!

18. Fag hinging oot wan end and the jannie hinging oot the other… - Betty the Auld Sl***er

19. Squatch ae yer f***y

20. The Big Man and his mum go Christmas shopping

If you think the Big Man is fierce, wait until you see his mum. ‘Maw’ gives the posh shopper a good talking to before taking the toy for herself.

21. Ned doing the news - Rab McGlinchy

Imagine if John MacKay had a co-anchor from a Glasgow young team. Rab McGlinchy brings the bam to the 

22. He’s got a stauner!

23. Big Jock in the golf house

Big Jock won’t be happy that he wasn’t top of this list. But Big Jock didn’t slip me a fifty for this. Sorry.

24. Hang the supers. We’re paying for the banter

Glasgow Times: Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan's Banter Boys in Chewin' the Fat loved hearing Glasgow chit-chat

25. The Still Game songs

Our beloved Still Game cast first appeared on the sketch show performing rude songs about a variety of topics. It was a shame that more of these didn’t appear on Still Game but watching them back on Chewin’ the Fat has been bliss.

26. The Lonely Shopkeeper tries to get a date

The poor shopkeeper feels like she never leaves work and can't find a friend. While many of us may feel this way too, the shopkeeper takes it to a new level when she recalls everything that a customer ordered and deduced that they must've been on a date.

27. Ballistic Bob decorates a dinner plate

Bob may have the shortest temper in the world, but we can all relate to how he is feeling at trying to do a delicate task and utterly failing.

What is your favourite Chewin' the Fat sketch? Let us know in the comments below.