Nicola Sturgeon has said that the current lockdown restrictions could need to be in place for another month before it can be seen if they have worked.

The numbers of positive cases have fluctuated over the last week but Ms Sturgeon said daily differences do not affect decision making one way or another.

The First Minister announced there had been another 640 positive cases recorded in the last 24 hours.

She also said there had been seven new deaths, the highest daily total since June 17.

Ms Sturgeon said that the restrictions for Glasgow and the west of Scotland at the beginning of September have “blunted” the rise that was seen over August.

She said the overall pattern in the city has been confused by the recent university clusters.

But she said the restrictions on household visits has already had an impact on slowing down and will hopefully reduce the spread.

The First Minister said: “A single days figures will not in of themselves determine a course of action. We look at seven day averages and trends.”

She added: “Measures should start to have an impact a month from now.”