A MIRACLE lockdown baby has wowed his family by telling his dad he loved him - at just 13 weeks old.

Little River Christie was playing with his dad at home three weeks ago when he repeated the phrase “love you”back to doting dad, Gary.

The stunned 29-year-old was desperate to capture the moment for partner Chelsie, who was at the supermarket, and, incredibly, the tot managed to utter the words for a second time.

Proud mum Chelsie said: “I was out at Sainsbury’s with my eldest son, Colton, whose 10, and nephew and Gary phoned to say River had just said ‘love you’.

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“He’s always telling me River does things when I’m not there so I said ‘oh, shut up’, but he said ‘I’ll video it’.

“He sent me the video and I was shouting at the boys to come see. We all stood watching it in the aisle - I couldn’t believe it.”

The 28-year-old, who is also mum to seven-year-old Porter, and Gary were stunned to see the youngster meeting his milestones so early, given his difficult start in life.

After gruelling pregnancy, including nine months of extreme sickness condition hyperemesis gravidarum, the tot stopped breathing as entered the world following a two-day labour.

Chelsie, who lives in Priesthill, described the pregnancy as her hardest yet.

Thankfully, he’s now recovered and is even close to saying “mum”.

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“Before he spoke to Gary, I was sure he was saying ‘mum’ and I told my mum but she said it wasn’t possible,” Chelsie said.

“Then one day, she said ‘did he just say mum?’

“No one really believed he was speaking, but the video is so clear. We’re just amazed.”

To witness the moment River says “love you”, visit the Glasgow Times website.