A Celtic fan has clashed with a Chaser on Twitter following the outcry over a question regarding Rangers' relegation in 2012. 

Host of the primetime quiz show, Bradley Walsh, asked a contestant: "Which Scottish club was triple relegated in 2012?"

The answer provided was: "Rangers FC, which was liquidated and relegated following a crisis in the club's finances."

It is fair to say that both the question and answer prompted some heated debate on Twitter.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

One fan addressed the show's official Twitter account with the message: "There was NO triple relegation for the club formerly known as Glasgow Rangers. They were liquidated. They ceased to exist.

"What we have now is a tribute. Liquidation is terminal. You canny relegate a dead club."

Another said: "FYI Rangers were not triple relegated... They went bust and started life as a new club in the lowest league."

Another user wrote: "A club 'triple relegated in Scotland in 2012?' The players have a right to call that lie out". 

One Rangers fan who appreciated the show's reference tweeted: "We welcome the chase", a motto used by some Light Blues fans, drawn from a quote by the second manager of Rangers, Bill Struth. He said of the young club: "Let the others come after us, we welcome the chase."

And now one Celtic fan has had it out with Chaser Jenny Ryan on Twitter. The quiz guru initially hit back at the supporter after he accused her of not smiling on screen.

He then responded: "One favour, though. Tell your researches that Rangers were not ‘triple-relegated’ in 2012.

"The SFA articles of association state that club/company are the same. The co. Went bust, and a new club formed.”

Jenny Ryan then said “They’re not my researchers.” and the Parkhead fan replied “Ok.. THE researchers”.

The Chaser then explained: “I don’t get to tell the researchers anything, they don’t work for me.

"But I *do* know that all questions on the Chase are fully sourced and then verified, to ensure the accuracy of the material.”