Gritting of roads and pavements this winter could be affected by a second wave of coronavirus or a stricter lockdown rules.

Glasgow City Council has issued its winter maintenance plan for the roads this coming winter.

In the plan it warns that depending on the situation with Covid-19 and restrictions it could take longer to get round all the roads that need gritted.

George Gillespie, executive director of neighbourhoods said, in a report to councillors: “Should there be a second wave of Covid 19 or local lockdown, which severely impacts on the resources available for delivery of winter maintenance, the normal service levels may not be possible to achieve.”

Th report says current rules, if still in place will have an impact on how staff get around the city to treat roads.

The council said just now only one person is allowed in the council trucks used to grit.

The report states: “Current public health guidance does not allow for more than one person in our vehicles.”

It said this means where a job needs two people then another vehicle is needed to get the other worker to the same location as the driver of the gritter.

The council says jobs like hand gritting of pavements or when an assistant is needed to ensure a truck reverses safely, need a second person.

The report continued: “When additional support vehicles are needed, footway and carriageway treatments will take longer to complete.

“Public health guidance is kept under review and it is possible that guidance may be changed allowing additional vehicle occupancy eg. using face coverings.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “We are fully resourced and prepared for the impact of winter weather on our roads.

“Our extensive fleet of vehicles is ready for use, our stock of grit replenished and we will be working to a robust plan that aims to keep city roads as safe as possible during winter.

“But we must also be realistic about the potential impact of Covid-19 may have on the delivery of the service.

“If staff are required to self-isolate or further restrictions are required to prevent the spread of the virus then winter maintenance services may be affected.

“There are contingencies built into the system that will help ensure we provide a winter gritting service that focuses on the priorities set out in our winter plan.”.

The overall plan will see roads, pavements and cycleways gritted using a fleet of vehicles and 18 drivers on a shift basis.

Priority one roads include main bus routes, access roads for emergency services and around schools, Buchanan Bus Station, park and ride stops and the steepest hills.

Priority two means local shopping; health centres; day care centres; community sports centres; libraries; places of worship and any other places of local significance.

Top priority routes for pavements includes around schools and pedestrian precincts.

For cycles the top priority is the segregated cycle routes with the South and West city ways.

If the service is affected by Covid -19 then resources will be deployed to routes with a greater risk from winter hazards.