A local Rutherglen representative has admitted to breaking coronavirus rules, after travelling back to Scotland from London with the virus. 

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier revealed in a statement posted to Facebook that she experienced mild coronavirus symptoms and booked herself a test on Saturday. 

She travelled to Westminster by train on Monday, saying she felt "much better". That evening she was informed that she had tested positive for coronavirus. 

Glasgow Times:

READ MORE: Margaret Ferrier, Rutherglen MP broke Covid rules

As the news breaks, furious Glaswegians have had their say - with a majority calling for the MP to be held accountable. 

Labour MP Ian Murray said: “This is astonishing recklessness from an SNP MP, which has put people’s health at risk.

“Through her irresponsible actions, she very possibly has passed on the virus to a vulnerable person, who may now have COVID-19 and be in danger. She has put passengers, rail staff, fellow MPs, Commons staff and many others at unacceptable risk.

“To breach the rules twice is simply unforgivable, and has undermined all the sacrifices made by her constituents. 

“Nicola Sturgeon must come out and condemn her MP’s actions and tell the Scottish people what disciplinary action she will be taking. There cannot be one rule for Margaret Ferrier, another for everybody else.”

Sandra Bell wrote: "Hope the book is thrown at her and she is heavily fined.

"An example needs to be set. Too many are flouting the restrictions already, and this will only encourage more to do the same..."

Irene Kinnaird added: "Do they seriously think people will continue to be compliant? I am disgusted and think she should be disciplined accordingly. Enough is enough."

Glasgow Times:

Others expressed outrage that the Rutherglen MP put other lives at risk. 

La'Dona Norrington Swift wrote: "WHAT makes her different from everyone else

"She should have known better than the general public as she is in Parliament when decisions are made.

"Should be SACKED as she knew what she was doing. Putting LOTS of innocent people at risk with her selfishness."

"I wonder how many people she infected?", said Jules O'Neill.

Meanwhile, a vast majority called for her to be "fined" and "sacked". 

Carol Anne Buchanan said: "Give her a ten grand fine."

Barry Martin said: "She can get right in the bin with Dominic Cummings."

"Absolutely terrible, people like her think she can get away with anything but never mind - it's ok to bring it back to Scotland... she should be sacked", said Alexandra Ramsay.

Liz Montague added: "She should be sacked."

Clare McGrath said: "Resign or she should be sacked! They are all the same absolute letdowns! They expect us all to fall into line while they do as they please!"

Glynis Thomson Clarke wrote: "What a stupid thing to do. She can’t have any regard for the party she represents."