Margaret Ferrier has not been able to give Nicola Sturgeon a “cogent” explanation for breaching the rules after testing positive.

The First Minister said that the Rutherglen MP ‘s breach was “flagrant and dangerous”.

She said: she accepts she made a very serious mistake and error of judgement and is not trying to evade responsibility. But can she give me a cogent explanation? No.

 “Travelling on a train after testing positive is probably the worst breach possible. I can’t excuse it and I’m not going to try to excuse it.”

The First Minster said the rules apply to everyone.

She added whether people “love or loathe” her she said the public needs to have confidence in the message she stands up every day to deliver.

Ms Sturgeon added it is “Easy to call for tough action when opponent breaks the rules the litmus test is when it is one of your own.

“That’s why the SNP whip has been withdrawn that’s the most serious action a political party can take.

“I have spoke to her and made it crystal clear she should resign."