OPPOSITION leaders in Glasgow have united to support the Don't Stop the Music campaign. 

Backed by institutional city music venues including Firewater and The Garage, the campaign seeks to bring background music back to bars, restaurants and cafes in Scotland

Industry bosses have warned the Scottish Government the ban is crippling their ability to recover from the pandemic. 

Glasgow Conservative leader, Thomas Kerr, and Glasgow Labour leader, Malcom Cunning, are now calling on the government to find constructive solutions as they raise concerns around the city's night time economy.

Glasgow Times:

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Glasgow Conservative leader Thomas Kerr said: “It is disappointing to learn that the Scottish Government has failed to meet with industry representatives and acoustic experts to discuss the evidential basis for their total ban on background music in hospitality venues.

“We all recognise the need to protect public health, with cases on the increase in Glasgow, but we must also strike the right balance when it comes to supporting important local businesses."

“The approach being taken by the SNP Government in relation to background music is unique amongst every nation tackling this unprecedented pandemic.

“They need to clarify and outline why this decision has been taken and constructively engage with those businesses involved in the night-time sector.

“Those businesses have invested considerable time and resources in order to put measures in place to re-open safely and I would hope that could be reciprocated by the Scottish Government in starting meaningful dialogue with the industry.”

Glasgow Times:

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Glasgow Labour Leader, Malcom Cunning added: "It is remarkable that the Scottish Government are the only administration which appear to be taking their inspiration from the Puritans of the 17th century. 

"They will be banning Christmas for everyone, not just for students at this rate. It is also disappointing that, to date, they have failed to engage with the industry or acknowledged experts in the field.

"Whole swathes of our night-time economy are teetering on the brink and thousands of jobs are at stake. 

"The Glasgow Labour group has taken a lead on this issue and would welcome cross-party support to put pressure on the Scottish Government to work with the industry to find safe and constructive solutions."

Glasgow Times:

A Scottish Government spokesman said the measures have been put in place for "good reason" in an effort to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

He said: “We don’t want the restrictions in place for any longer than is needed, but the measures are in place for good reason: the advice remains that hospitality premises should have no background music or volume from TVs because of the increased risk of transmission from aerosol and droplets when people raise their voices.

“This measure is being kept under review.”