ANOTHER weekend on public transport, and yet more teenagers deciding that the rules for wearing face coverings simply do not apply to them.

I witnessed two teenage girls sitting at the front of No57 bus on Saturday for 30 minutes chatting away without a mask on, while families sat behind them with their coverings on.

Even children had their masks on.

And, of course, when they finally got off the bus in Glasgow city centre, they put their face coverings on.

Thanks for that. I’m sure that really helped your fellow passengers. What an absolute disgrace some of the younger generation are.

Disgusted passenger


IT’S great news the council is receiving money for better bus services.

I look forward to my journey on the bus when it has to drive around fly-tipped couches, mattresses, cupboards, wardrobes and potholes.

Name and address supplied

TO use Trump’s own most famous phrase, “Fake News”, this individual has no moral code, no conscience and no respect for anything other than himself and winning the election at any cost.

Rather than face more humiliation in debates, he is using, like Boris, an excuse to get any advantage from gaining some sympathy votes.

Name and address supplied

JUST to say very many thanks to the young guy who noticed that I’d left a bottle of vodka in my shopping trolley at Tesco Dalmarnock.

It’s so lovely to know that there are many kind deeds being carried out in these hard times we’re going through.

Marie McGuire

Kings Park

WHATEVER the reasons are, there are far worse things going on in the current climate than closing chapels (Glasgow Times, Monday).

Congregation members should just count themselves lucky they still have jobs and homes.

Look at the situation we’re in with Cineworld closing all its branches – with the loss of thousands of people’s jobs.

It puts this chapel closure into perspective and given the current situation we’re in, with Covid-19, smokescreen or not, acceptance of the things

you cannot change is part of life.

Surely there must be other chapels, or even ways the congregation can raise the funds if they’re so keen to keep it open.

Complaining does nothing.

Jill Ferguson

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