GLASGOW is to receive £6.3 million in UK Government funding to launch the world’s largest fleet of hydrogen powered refuse trucks.

The aim is to support the city’s plan to use zero-emission vehicles as well as oversee the development of the hydrogen refuelling station for 19 hydrogen powered trucks.

This investment marks the next step in UK’s progress towards meeting net zero ambitions ahead of Glasgow hosting COP 26, now scheduled for next year. Glasgow City Council says the plans will allow them to create a zero emissions fleet of vehicles by 2030.

A spokesman said: “As part of our fleet strategy, we consider that in the long-term the use of hydrogen is a realistic and genuinely sustainable fuel solution, especially for larger vehicles.

“The announcement from the UK Government is therefore very welcome as it shows there is growing confidence in the use of hydrogen power as a vehicle fuel.

“We are now looking very closely at the potential the UK Government announcement has for the council's fleet of vehicles and how we might take that forward.”

The hydrogen refuelling station will be the first of its kind in Glasgow, producing green hydrogen in a safe, reliable and cost-effective way.

Through the government’s £23m Hydrogen for Transport Programme, it will be amongst the first zero emission hydrogen refuse collection lorries developed in the UK and will give a post-Covid boost through the creation of green jobs while also de-carbonising transport.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said: “As we continue to build on our green print for the future post Covid-19 we know that to really harness the power of transport to improve our country – and to set a global gold standard – we must truly embed change.”

Commenting on the news, Conservative Glasgow MSP Annie Wells said that the “incredible level of investment would drive forward the city’s economic recovery”.

Ms Wells said: “Glasgow truly is leading the way in a future green economy and the UK Government are recognising that major potential.”