OH what a night – Chuck Berry rocked Tiffany’s to its very foundations when he came to Glasgow in May 1980.

It was his only Scottish concert on the tour – for which he had insisted on only playing dance halls to make sure everyone got up on their feet - and even though it lasted less than an hour, the audience seemed delighted.

The Evening Times reported the next day: “This was a vintage performance by Berry. When he took to the stage he was on stunning form.

“The audience, many of whom were dressed in Fifties-style gear, joined in many of the Berry classics like ‘Memphis Tennessee’ and ‘Sweet Little Rock and Roller’.”

Backstage, the reviewer noted, Berry had taken the time to sit and chat and sign autographs “for a procession of fans.”

Glasgow Times:

And after the show, he said it had been “one of the best gigs of my life.”

The Evening Times’ sister newspaper the Glasgow Herald said the crowd looked like “stage extras from Happy Days mingled with modern-day mods and even punk rockers” and added: “Berry lived up to his reputation of the ‘Black Presley’ ... [He] aroused applause and frenetic dancing from the bobby-sox-clad young ladies who thronged the front of the stage.”

The biggest applause, the reviewer added, came when Berry traversed the stage in his famous duckwalk.

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Berry’s death in March 2017, aged 90, prompted many heartfelt tributes from fans and celebrities alike.

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger thanked him for “all the inspirational music he gave to us”, while Bruce Springsteen said: “Chuck Berry was rock’s greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock ‘n’ roll writer who ever lived.”

Glasgow Times:

Berry was born in 1926 in Missouri, and he loved music from an early age.

He gave his first public performance at high school, and went on to become one of the pioneers of rock and roll.

His first single was Maybellene in 1955, and it sold more than a million copies, reaching number one on the Billboard rhythm and blues charts.

Berry enjoyed a string of hits thereafter, including Johnny B Goode and Rock and Roll Music, helping to cement his status as a bona fide guitar hero, and he quickly became a worldwide star. His songs were covered by the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and many more.

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Berry continued to write and perform well into his ninth decade, when at the age of 83, he entertained more than 10,000 people at 2010 Viva Las Vegas open-air concert. Berry also performed once a month at a restaurant in St Louis, Blueberry Hill, until 2014.

Glasgow Times:

Chuck Berry was one of the first musicians to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when it opened in 1986; he was cited for having “laid the groundwork for not only a rock and roll sound but a rock and roll stance.”

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