SHAMEFUL sectarian graffiti threatening to “kill all taigs” has been plastered across the East End. 

Cops are on the hunt for bigots who sprayed anti-Catholic messages - that spanned 600 feet and took two days to remove - onto buildings in Easterhouse. 

The Easterhouse Sports Centre and Provan Hall have been targeted in recent weeks by "idiots". 

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North East councillor Ruairi Kelly said: “This sort of behaviour costs the tax payers of Glasgow thousands of pounds to clean up and nobody should have to see intimidating messages on walls that make them feel unsafe in their own neighbourhoods. 

Glasgow Times: Cllr Ruairi Kelly hit out at the vandals Cllr Ruairi Kelly hit out at the vandals

“I will be following this up with local police and the housing associations to ensure that those responsible are made very aware of how unacceptable this is to the residents of Easterhouse.” 

Anti-sectarian campaigners have also hit out at the vandals, saying society would be “better off without them”. 

David Scott, director of Glasgow-based Nil By Mouth, said: “The individuals behind this are scrapping the bottom of the barrel of idiocy. 

“If, after months of people facing down a pandemic together regardless of colour of creed, this is the best these morons have to offer society then they need to know we are better off without them.” 

It’s understood the Gladiator Weightlifting Club, based on Auchinlea Road, has had to fork out cash to cover the costs of cleaning the bigoted messages. 

Glasgow Provan MSP Ivan McKee said: “Gladiator Weightlifting Club does extremely valuable work developing the talents, skills and self-confidence of local young people as well as producing world class athletes.

Glasgow Times: Messages have also appeared on the gates to Provanhall House Messages have also appeared on the gates to Provanhall House

“I want to see this vandalism dealt with as swiftly and decisively as possible” 

A Glasgow City Council spokesman confirmed the graffiti had been now been cleared but hit out at the vandals.

He said: “This is stupidity at its best. Those responsible must realise that their senseless behaviour is not only embarrassing for the city but it’s a fairly unforgiving waste of publicly funded time and resources. 

"It took officers two days to remove 182metres (approximately 600 feet) of graffiti.  Sadly, the damage caused at Provanhall goes beyond graffiti removal and will require further investigation.

“We urge anyone with information about this deliberate act of vandalism to come forward.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "Officers are following a positive line of enquiry at this time.” 

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A spokesman for Glasgow Life confirmed the messages had now been removed from the sports centre.

He added: “We will continue to liaise with Police Scotland in order to keep up monitoring of the venue.”