AS someone in the vulnerable age group trying to keep fit through the pandemic, I went into my local Glasgow Council (Glasgow Life) gym in Ballater Street and asked to join.

I explained I had been a Club member several years ago and wanted to return in order to maintain and hopefully improve my health during Covid.

To my amazement, I was told Glasgow Club was only taking members who had not cancelled their memberships during the pandemic.

Everyone else would have to wait their turn and the manager could not give me any indication of when I, or any other new applicants, would be able to use the gym’s facilities.

Perhaps next year, she said. How many OAPs in and around Glasgow have had the same experience? I appreciate there must be restrictions on the number of gym users but surely Glasgow Council should be pulling out all the stops to keep its population fit and healthy, especially now?

Thank goodness for the private sector. I’ve found a gym in the city centre which is delighted to have me as a member. It’s also fastidious about hygiene and currently so quiet there are very few issues with social distancing.

Scott Thornton

Via email

I READ with interest that Dennistoun has been voted the eighth “coolest” neighbourhood in the world.

I’m sure its competitor cities have their downsides but clearly the editors of Time Out have no experience with Glasgow’s bin collection system. Dennistoun may be cool but my backcourt is hot with steaming piles of rotting rubbish.

Disgusted Garthland Drive

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WHY is it that despite having restrictions in place that prevent individuals permitting another family member from entering their home that estate agents are still permitted to allow viewings to go on allowing for numerous different people to enter a single household?

I appreciate that yes, it’s business but it’s still a household. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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SO the over-65s in Renfrewshire have to travel miles for the flu jab, especially if you stay in one of the small villages and have to get two buses and face a long walk.

Yet some of the people who are under-65 are receiving their flu jab at their local doctor surgery. I was in the chemist when a 90-year-old asked how was she going to get to Paisley from Lochwinnoch for a flu jab. And before anybody says they are setting up a tent at Beith, which is four miles away... well, as anybody in Lochwinnoch will tell you, we do not have public transport that goes direct. I don’t think I’ll be getting a flu jab.

Jim Tees

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