Cafes with an alcohol licence will be able to open during the two week shutdown as long as they don’t sell alcohol, Nicola Sturgeon said.

The First Minister said it has been considered and guidance will be issued to those affected.

Yesterday it was announced that all licensed premised had to close from tomorrow evening which would mean bars, restaurants and cafes which are licensed to sell alcohol.

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However, Ms Sturgeon responded to a question from Jackie Baillie Labour MSP, if cafes could still open if they do not sell alcohol.

Ms Baillie said that many cafes whose business is 99% food and only 1% alcohol would be forced to close.

Ms Sturgeon said she was glad of the opportunity to give clarification. 

She said: "Cafes will be able to open whether they are licensed or not licensed as long as they don't sell alcohol."

Ms Sturgeon said regulations would be publsihed tomorrow which will include exemptions for cafes.

Many cafes in Glasgow would have been affected by the rule.

It means they can open from 6am to 6pm for food and drink as long as no alcohol is sold even if they have a licence to do so.