I THINK cleansing bosses are making another mistake with three-weekly collections.

Householders will now have three weeks of waste with an additional six months of bulk refuse still to be picked up.

Householders won’t know what date their pick-up is as cleansing doesn’t issue calendars anymore.

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I CANNOT understand why the Scottish Government has taken the easy option in dealing with the hospitality sector.

Surely by now, if environmental health officers are monitoring the situation, premises where the rules are not being adhered to should have been shut down.

If that had happened and the rate of the spread of coronavirus had still increased then the Scottish Government would be in a position to put hand on heart and say, “Sorry, but its closure time across the hospitality sector”.

I would also like the rules to be tightened for the hospitality sector, by the addition of a mandatory temperature check of clients entering the premises.

Only one of the number of restaurants I have been to has checked my temperature using a handheld digital readout device. This was reassuring to me, and should be mandatory.

Daniel Harris

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WHAT a load of rubbish – Humza Yousaf and Karyn McCluskey trying to pretend that community sentences are more effective

than short custodial sentences.

The neds are laughing their heads off.

No jail and free to carry on offending.



ONCE again the First Minister has crippled businesses and put even more people on the bread line.

If, as she has stated, the hospitality industry is responsible for slightly over 20% of cases, where is the other 80% coming from? Could it possibly be schools, universities and airports?

Airline passengers are not being tested nor are they being traced, so how many of them are positive? Students appear to be having great parties, especially if you are positive.

The whole system in Scotland would appear to be run by experts who have difficulty in agreeing with

each other but are able to close businesses while still claiming large taxpayer-funded salaries.

Maybe it is time for a complete change in Scotland.


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I WONDER if anyone has considered the situation regarding Covid sanctions as we approach “party season” at Christmas and New Year?

Nobody wants to be a party pooper, but we surely cannot have a situation like we have seen in London’s West End on recent Bank Holiday weekends replicated all over the country.

These are super-spreader events and some very difficult decisions need to be taken.

We surely don’t want a situation where once again the mantra is “we should have taken action but...”



IT’S the same in Springhall, Rutherglen, with Loch and St Anthony’s primary schools on Lochaber Drive (Fury as drivers flout car ban at Cardonald school, Thursday).

Parents at schools haven’t been informed if this ban has been cancelled – by the amount of cars driving down it must be.

Steven Campbell

Via Facebook

PARENTS just ignore the rules when it comes to dropping their kids off at school.

They will block driveways, park on double yellow lines, abuse residents – all to save them five minutes and get as close as possible to the school gates.

We need to have more fines issued to these selfish parents.

Why can’t their bundles of joy just walk to school?

Oh I forgot, they’re as lazy as their parents. Absolute disgrace.

Suzanne O’Neill


I’M surprised more children have not been run over by these reckless drivers outside schools.

They don’t care about anyone but themselves. They ignore any warnings from the schools.

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