Outdoor queuing looks set to return in Scotland following the introduction of tough new coronavirus restrictions.

On Wednesday, the First Minister introduced new rules on hospitality and face coverings in a bid to curb the spread of COVID.

It comes following two days in a row of the country recording more than 1000 cases.

Now, National Clinical Director Jason Leitch has asked all supermarkets to adopt similar safety measures that were introduced back in March.

That means more outdoor queues outside shops, one-way systems and two-metre distancing.

Speaking to BBC Scotland’s Stephen Jardine, Professor Leitch said: “Retail did a very good job at the end of March.

“The mitigations were really good, like plastic sheets and two-metre distancing.

“We want to spend the next 16 days making sure these sectors re-engage again and make sure the guidance is robust so that we can keep those areas open."

Glasgow Times:

He added: “That’s why we’ve suggested going back to the two-metre distance point, back to the one-way systems which will mean a little bit of queuing outside again.

“We need people to realise that the virus is the same and it is not going away.”

It comes after supermarket bosses last month warned people not to panic buy ahead of fears of another lockdown.

Pictures from England during the last week of September showed showed bare shelves as fears of more restrictions rise.

But food bosses sought to reassure the public that there’s plenty of stock and delivery slots.

Andrew Opie, head of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said: “We urge consumers to be considerate and shop for food as they would usually during this difficult time.”jee