TWO passengers of a Glasgow private hire car had a lucky escape when their driver lost control of the vehicle which overturned onto its roof.

Mohamed Hassan Abdalaa lost his council licence this week for the incident which saw his car veer across Greenfield Road, crash into another before turning upside down.

Mr Abdalaa, who appeared to be of sound mind at the time, had picked up two women from a hotel in the East End at 1am in November 2018.

He was fined £360 as a result and issued seven penalty points on his licence. The issue was brought before the licensing committee on Wednesday.

Members were informed by Police Scotland that during the night in question the vehicle came to a halt ten metres down the street.

The roof was compressed and the two women were trapped inside. When they were freed from the wreckage, they were conveyed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where they were treated for cuts and bruises.

Speaking on Abdalaa’s behalf, representative David Mitchell, said: “Mr Abdalaa was engaged as a taxi driver at the time of the incident. Throughout the course of the journey the passengers said he was attentive and followed their directions.

“They only sustained minor injuries and my client passed the breathalyser test. The vehicle was examined and had no defects.

“Mr Abdalaa has been a taxi driver for six years now - three years for East Dunbartonshire Council and three years with Glasgow City Council and has no convictions during that period.

“At 49-years of age, with no other work experience, he would find it extremely difficult to get another job especially during these times of austerity.

“He has been working through the pandemic, assisting local members of the community and has never been disciplined by either council.

“It is unfortunate that he can’t remember much about this incident. There was no speeding involved, he was engaging with the taxi fares and for an unexplained reason hit another car.

“Everything seemed normal, perhaps it was a lapse in concentration. It would appear to be a one-off incident.”

Members were not convinced at Abdalaa’s driving abilities.

Chairman John Kane said: “You are telling us that Mr Abdalaa is a safe and proper person to be driving passengers around Glasgow but you haven’t attempted to explain in any way how two passengers ended up in hospital.”

The application to renew his licence was refused.